Our Overall Pick

After going through various tests and evaluations, there are reasons to believe that 360 fly could be a great buy. Priced at around $500 it offers the best field of view, video quality, ease of use, water resistant properties and various other attributes. Though it may not be able to click 360 degree images in all directions, as far as image quality is concerned it is the best. It has the best of features and it scores favorably over others when it comes to ease of use.

As far as budget model is concerned the LG 360 Cam is okay. However, it might lack a bit in picture quality, but is easy to use and can easily fit into the pocket. There are some issues with these 360-degree cameras because they are still in their nascent stage. For example the Samsung 360 camera is compatible only with a few smart phones. The Kodak PixPro 360 and the much talked about 360 Fly 4K do not have the capability of clicking 360 degree pictures. LG quality is mediocre to put it mildly and Giroptic’s camera is not able to put together its images properly.


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How The Testing Is Done

There is no doubt testing 360 cameras comes with its own share of weird comments and posts. People are now habituated to using action cameras such as GoPro. However, they must realize that when it comes to 360 cameras, the shape and way of mounting has an important role to play. The integral part of 360 cameras is to have more than one bulbous lens. This is because they are required to capture full 360 degrees of events and happenings. If you want to do away with some part of the entire object or image, then the cameras has to be mounted quite a distance away from the body.

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A selfie stick also is required for most 360 cameras failing which it might slip and fall. Apart from LG 360 all other cameras are not exactly easy to be held in the hand. Even with the LG cameras without the selfie stick the index and thumb finger often eats up a large part of the videos and pictures. There is a need to attach a reasonably long selfie stick to the mountain bike when somebody needs to click on the move. The selfie sticks have to be connected to the various cameras and only then taking pictures is possible. Yes it is possible to take some of the best images of some important landmarks but the selfie-stick gives the secret away and many onlookers are convinced that a 360 camera is being used.