Giroptic 360 Camera Review

This odd shaped Giroptic 360 camera enables you to take almost a completely round video (360 x 300 deg), waterproof  up to around 30 ft, and it’s incredibly easy to use and share with your friends on image and video format. In this camera, the base is detachable, which can be replaced with others and then you can go on to connect to an Ethernet with regards to a powerful internet connection. With this camera you can go on to lightning port to the Ipad or phone.

The Giroptic 360 cam comes with a support base which is easily interchangeable and helps in making this product stand out from others. It is 100% water resistant and has really good capturing timing. You can easily operate it with batteries that are rechargeable and easily removable and if you want you can easily use the adapter or the base supporting Ethernet that will help in supplying power as well as easy access to the network for live streaming of the videos.
It is expected that this year the companies will be providing the shipping facility for these cameras but due to high demand the lack of availability is an issue. Keeping this point in mind here are the models which one can see in the market being shipped during the current year.

Giroptic 360 Camera review

Video Resolution: 2058 x 1024 pixels

Field of View (Degrees): 360 x 300

Phone Support: Android, iPhone

Water Resistance: 30 feet

Battery Life: 1 hour

Storage/microSD: Up to 128GB / Yes

Size: 2.8 x 2.6 inches (diameter)

Weight: 6.3 ounces

Approx. Pricing: $499.00