The world around us is not restricted to square and rectangles. So why restrict our memories of the world only through flat videos and flat photos? If you want an answer for this question, the next few lines would be interesting. The world of 360-degree cameras is set to become a reality. It is now possible to record almost everything that is happening around you in a flash. All that you need is a VR headset and Google Cardboard and Gear VR could do the job. Your trip to Grand Canyon or your memorable family event or even an interesting rock concert will now become a virtual reality in the true sense of the term. You also can watch the best of 360 movies and music on the laptop or smart phone in a 360 degree environment whether it is uploaded on Facebook or YouTube.

The 360-degree cameras certainly come with a lot of expectation and hype. Hence it is expected that these cameras will capture 360 degree videos and pictures in the real sense of the term. However, only half of the six cameras tested were able to record a pure spherical image. These were Samsung Gear 360, Giroptic and LG360. The rest, VSN Mobile, 360 Fly and Kodak could do so only in one direction. Hence when you are panning the final video you often come out with a huge black section. This well and truly robs the full 360 degree experience especially when it comes to VR.




LG was one of the first companies to enter the 360 degree camera market. They went on to claim that it is coming out in the market with the first spherical camera in the market that is going to catch the images and videos, which is the 360 Cam. This is in complete contrast of the shape of a ball which you associate with Samsung Gear 360 or Nikon KeyMission 360 which is a box. It is a two lens camera which is on similar lines, to the Thetha’s camera of Richoh. It is not all that nice, and the design of it is considered to be bulky and not that attractive. On the top you are likely to find two lenses each with an angle of 200 degrees. In fact ample coverage is provided to stitch a spherical image. Below the lens there is a shutter lens where you can take a selfie of 360 degrees or a 2k resolution in the shortest time frame possible. With regards to the availability and the pricing, things are not all that clear, but you can expect it to roll sometime around the LG 360VR glasses and the expected date is sometime in the month of April.

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Ricoh Theta S – It will give a very scientific kind of look but in terms of usage it is a great device. It easily helps in capturing all the photos and videos in the spherical mode. The twin lenses in this camera are just amazing and support the image sensor of twelve MP which can easily create the images and videos in a three sixty degree style. It also features great sound quality recording supporting fully enabled high definition mode. It is very convenient to understand and anyone can easily operate it with simple buttons which are provided.

Bublcam – This device is a bit expensive as compared to the rest and comes in a ball like shape. It helps in capturing complete spherical videos and enables very easy processing and mixing of images or you can say stitching of the images together. It has the power of 4 cameras and there will be no blind spots at all. It has excellent image resolution and helps in easy facilitation of uploading the videos and photos on platforms like You Tube, Google Maps, and Google+ etc. It also supports viewing in headsets supporting VR and the Google cardboard feature. This product is very high in demand due to its exceptional quality and outstanding features. This can be purchased from the website of the company. But generally the company runs out of stock for this product very soon because of its high demand. So order in advance as you may have to wait longer for this product

Vuze – This camera first made its mark in the year 2016 and was revealed for the general public. It is highly portable and just like the size of the palm. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of customers and it is a three sixty degree camera that supports 3 dimensional video recording features. It supports 8 completely high definition cameras with brilliant lenses and when at the time of stitching the results together one can easily create spherical videos in 4K resolution in 3 dimensional medium. The company also supports its own software for PC which helps in processing all the work in real time. It is also provided with a stick for selfie lovers.


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Motocross 360 video – camera fell off dute to heavy jumping